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Monday, October 1, 2012

PHP - a Billionaire's Choice.

PHP which came into existence 17 years ago, in 1995 when Rasmus Lerdorf created a script from Perl known as ''Personal Homepage Tools'' was not the first to the ground for dynamic scripting.

The programming language took height when PHP 4 was initially released in 2000 and than became a star when PHP 5 was introduced in 2004 followed by the powerful Zend Engine.PHP became the choice for programmers rapidly due to its flexibility in coding and speed of parsing and the choice of extensions which totally boosted PHP's ground market and somehow defeating the major Competitors, ASP- Active Server Pages, which was the some-how similar to PHP or you can say PHP was similar to ASP but PHP was developed by using a mixture of different tastes of many languages, like Perl and Python to the C.

Many popular companies choose'd PHP, the major example is Facebook and Yahoo!. Just because of its flexibility and freedom to code.PHP became popular because it was open-source so you can download the source, tweak it according to your needs, remove any bloat stuff, keep the necessary things within and so on.

The cross-platform independent language became so popular that now-a-days its first of the choice by any newbie web designer / developer / programmer, just because its so fun and easy to learn through its every step.

This giant scripting language has the footholds on any operating system,no matter if it is *inx/Windows/Mac , you have the choice, choose Mac and get the PHP-Packages, install it , choose your favorite code editor program and start coding.

Learning PHP is so simple, you have allot of tutors out there who can teach you for free, i mean seriously, every time you face a problem or you need to know "What is this stuff for?" you have a complete bible written over there at www.php.net with full manuals and most of all the comments below every manual helps you understand the basics and advanced techniques as well.

When i first started to learn PHP, i didn't knew HTML properly, seriously, I don't! But wait, i went through www.w3schools.com , it was back in 2005. I learned PHP and at that time i was totally new to coding, and i feel no shame in saying so that i am still in a process of learning,but while in the process of learning i came to know allot of things, the most of all is the Linux's Terminal, Yeah... you read it right, the Linux's Terminal, i learned allot of commands for it while compiling the PHP's source under ubuntu and than fedora.

Anyway, i just created this Blog to share everything i have learnt so far, and i hope so that you guys, if any read this, will surely comment about all this :)